Hello, so you've found the way to Be. In short, I tell stories through bespoke design. I work on all sorts of projects. Everything from print to web to apps - all different places to tell unique stories. The Way to Be is both a concept and a way of life. It's a collection of initiatives which explore all things creative.

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Scorpion Sucker

At the beginning of this year, I accepted to do┬áThe Food List Challenge, a list comprised of 100 different dishes. I have decided to modify a few things due to accessibility or replace some dishes to which I think are much more interesting.┬áNumber 26 on the list was Cricket…


Plume: The Vineyard Restaurant

Matakana is slowly making a name for itself in the New Zealand map for its extremely good quality local food produce. Located about an hour’s drive from Auckland, it’s frequently visited by people for its well renowned Saturday morning farmer’s market. I personally like making a special trip up that way to go to Blue who sell the most tantalizing organic ice cream. Now, having spent a nice afternoon at Plume, it’s another reason to take the pleasant drive up north.