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Vintage Qatar Postage Stamps

We ventured to Waitakere this weekend (west side of Auckland) to visit a friend. Since we had a shared interest in vintage collectables he took us to two treasure troves we never knew existed: Just Plane Interesting & Rainbows Relics. For us, it was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Both places were just filled with strange and wondrous things! We were talking to the lady who ran one of the shops and she said that she had enough stuff at home to be able to fill the place twice over.

After looking around for quite some time (trying to resist the urge not to buy everything), I discovered a box full of vintage stamps tucked in a remote corner of the shop. They were all pretty incredible, which made it hard to choose. I settled on these stamps from Qatar, most of these were produced in 1968. I really liked the strong graphic illustration styles and the colour combinations used. Aside from that, these are  precious documentation of significant events that occurred during that time, making it even more intriguing to me.

For information about these stamps there’s a dedicated site on Qatar stamps & its postal history.

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