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FINALLY! If you eat as much asian food, particularly Japanese food, as I do then you will probably have the same level of appreciation for Spoonplus. The simplicity and practicality of this product is just genius that it’s easy to say ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’.

Spoonplus is a concept design by French designer Aïssa LogerotSpoonplus, primarily fashioned for the degustation of Asian meals, or Japanese meals in particular, where multiple courses would be introduced with a soup. If used separately, the tiny shallow bowl can work as a saucer and chopstick rest. – EAT ME by Viction:ary

After much searching, there’s not really a lot written about Spoonplus. I guess the product is so well designed that it speaks for itself. I’d be interested to see what materials have been used to create this. If it were to be mass produced, are the materials environmentally friendly? That aside, I do hope is that it becomes available in the commercial market because it’s just such a great idea.

The design of Spoonplus reminded me of a scene in Gary Huswit’s film Objectified, when Andrew Blauvelt revealed the design secret of the Japanese toothpick.

The grooves allow for easy break-off of the flat end, sending a signal to others indicating that this toothpick has been used.  The broken off end can also be used as a small stand to prop the tooth-end of the toothpick from the table surface. via Teleidoscopic

Both products epitomize the characteristics of Japanese design. It’s sophisticated, with clean and simple forms yet every curve & detail of each object is well thought through and has a specific function.

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