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Wellington, I love you…

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to go down to Wellington and visit our fine friends at Club Soda. We don’t often get the luxury of being in the same place at the same time, and with a shared love for the alluring destination, we decided to do a collaborative project dedicated to what is arguably the best city in New Zealand. This photo-essay is viewed from the dual perspective of a dedicated local and an admiring visitor.

Impressive wall decoration. Sweet Mother’s Kitchen.

Vintage Meccano construction box. They don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Street Art. Alleyway off Courtney Place.

The infamous Cole from Eyeball Kicks. Cuba Street.

Bike. Lombard Street.

Boat sheds. Oriental Bay.

Dedicated fishing enthusiasts. Oriental Bay.

Classic Desks signage. Miramar.

Pavement decoration. Courtney Place.

Espresso Rescue. Farmers Market. Cable Street.

Vintage Tonka Trucks. Joe’s Garage.

Classic NZ Dairy. Miramar.

Ancestral Restaurant – an absolute must! The Canterbury Poussin is divine… Courtney Place.

Braille Sculpture (Invisible City). Lambton Quay.

Vintage bottles. Old Bank Arcade, Lambton Quay.

Floor tiles. Old Bank Arcade, Lambton Quay.

If you ever come across this, have a look through the viewfinder. What you see or hear might surprise you. Chews Lane.

Artwork. Museum Hotel.

Wellington airport.

This Radler’s got nothing on Club Soda’s brew!

One Way.


In memory of Wellington’s iconic Blanket Man.


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  1. Louise

    Nice work, Be, I like it! Especially the shot of the vintage bottles in the basket – very cool:-)


    Louise xoxo

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